Buyer’s Struggle

With low inventory and high demand, many properties are receiving lots of offers at the same time. If you’ve been searching for a property, chances are you’ve come across this hectic multiple-offer scenario.

The real estate market has changed…a lot! The old ways of offering on a property aren’t working like they used to. How are the best buyers adapting?

There are many ways a buyer can improve their chances of winning when competing for a property. It’s not always about price. If you are wanting to purchase in this challenging market, this seminar is a must-attend.

The upcoming free seminar, How To Win In This Hot Market, being held April 22 at U-Vic, provides buyers with the tips and advantages they need to be successful in Victoria’s hot real estate market.

Topics include:

  • How do you know what price to offer when competing?
  • What can you do to improve your chances of winning?
  • Tips to knowing what the sellers want?
  • Is a large deposit critical?
  • What can you do to ensure your offer is the best?
  • The highest price doesn’t always win. Why is that?
  • Offer scenarios
  • What mistakes to avoid?
  • How you can make a no-subjects offer with little risk?
  • How do you know your offer was presented to the sellers?
  • How do you know there are other offers?

For those without a Realtor®, call 250-477-0921 for details and to reserve a seat.

Can’t Wait?

For anyone who needs professional help to create a winning offer before this seminar, call Rick or Kerry Couvelier for a free confidential consultation: 250-477-0921.