Spring is on the way!

Now that the snow is gone, buyers and sellers are getting ready.

Financing rule changes are making what used to be easy financing approvals become last minute surprise turn-downs. We have had a few buyer clients find out at the very last minute that their lender of choice cannot approve them under the new rules.

Thank goodness we know one of Victoria’s best mortgage brokers. She has been able to ‘pull a rabbit out of her hat’ and obtain financing when others cannot.

Each lender has different policies, rules and procedures. What one lender must decline, another may approve. How are you to know which lender can best accommodate your needs? A good mortgage broker is familiar with the different lenders and their different policies and procedures. They know where to go for quick and easy approvals.

For our clients thinking about a real estate change this year who may need interim or bridge financing, we are happy to arrange a free, no-obligation, mortgage pre-approval meeting with this experienced broker.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!